Congress 2.0 – now available in Blue!

It is (almost) official – Both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate will be controlled by Democrats!  
Not exactly a balance of power, but after twelve years of leaning hard to the right, it will take some time even at full-left for Congress to get upright.


Even more astounding is the lack of change from the Executive branch. One week after stating that Rumsfeld would have a job through 2008, he came back with a different story, that Rumsfeld’s demise was in the works for ‘some time’. See there, ‘facts’ in the Bush White House expire in 7 days.


Add to that his funny statement that ‘We’ve never been Stay the Course”‘.
Hopefully this new Congress will be taking a more critical look at the President’s statements and actions, and finally hold him accountable.

Smoking causes drunks.

From WKYC:
AKRON — The only smokers at Bricco’s restaurant were gathered at the same table.  
One of the smokers, Katie Rowlands of Akron, expressed her dislike of Issue 5.  

“I dont like Issue 5 because it puts drunk people out on the streets and that’s not good,” she said. (emphasis is mine)

I think she is confusing Issue 5 with “Last Call”.

Sour apple cider.

When the GOP gives you sour apples, make…well, you know.


Tom DeLay believes that this election wasn’t a win for the Democrats, it was a loss for the Republicans.
Bizzy thinks that 527’s unduly influenced voters ( and SBVT were 528’s).
They all think that the votes in every contest were votes against [pick one]: Bush, Iraq War, Taft, Bennett, Foley, Noe, etc.
They firmly believe that the electorate has let them down, that the voters must’ve been turned into drooling idiots.


Needless to say, I disagree.


After six years of ‘spinning the facts’ and ‘crushing the voices of opposition’, I believe that the voters all of over the country are waking up.
This election wasn’t about punishing Republicans for the actions of Foley or Noe or even Taft. This was an election about the direction our nation is heading.
We (the U.S.) once held a place of respect and admiration on the international stage. That is gone.
We were once called upon to be both the carrot and the stick. We are carrot no more.
An American citizen used to be able to travel (nearly) anywhere in the world and be greeted as an honored guest. Now we arrive to protests.
We do not live on the United States of Earth.
We do not have a monopoly on good ideas and good intentions.


This election was about tearing down the framework of sanctimonious complacency that has been dragging us down for years.


The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.
North Dakotans rejected the most constraining anti-choice bill in the nation.
Arizonans rejected a law banning gay marriage (not 2004 anymore, is it?)
Five states, including Ohio, recognized that paying our most needy and desperate te lowest real wage in more than 50 years was not acceptable.


I am looking forward to seeing if this is a bellwether of more changes to come.
I am looking forward to once again being proud to be American.