GOP goes on the offensive-defensive.

The Ohio GOP sent an email out the their flock of lemmings today, letting them know that they are all victims of Democratic voter suppression.
Sounds like real news.
Except for the lack of any….oh, what are they called…..oh yeah, facts.
Here’s an excerpt:
Democrats have proven they’ll do anything to win an election – even if it means breaking the law. 
  •     * Republican voters are reporting intimidation tactics being used by Democrat activists outside polling locations.  
  •     * We’ve heard reports of Democrat poll observers engaging in illegal activity by communicating with voters as they vote. 
  •     * Some Republican voters are even being told by Democrat poll workers that they can’t cast a ballot.
See what I mean – generic ‘we’ve heard reports of’ and ‘some voters are being told’.


If any of these actually happened, there would be specifics.
Where did this happen?
Who did it happen to?
What is the ‘intimidation tactic’.


Of course, we all know this is just bullshit.


A smokescreen to draw attention away from the voters who really are being disenfranchised.


Will they never learn?

Whatever you do — DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE!

Today, when your phone rings, ignore it.


It’s just somebody pretending to represent a candidate you’ve never heard of confessing to some dirty little secret.


Or it’s a group whose acronym spells something dirty telling you how Issue 2 will make your ice cream melt, or Issue 5 loves pedophiles.


Or it’s your Aunt Barbara, who just found out you’re gay and wants you to join her quilting bee.


Fact is, it doesn’t matter who is calling. If it is important, they will call back tomorrow.


For today, your only job is to vote.


So get up, and slowly walk away from the computer.


Put some clothes on.


Some clean clothes….




Now, get your car keys. They fell between the couch cushions last night. No, the other cushion.


Now get your ass out and vote!


For who?


I don’t care. Vote for whoever you want to. And if, when the votes are tallied, your guys win and mine don’t? Then so be it – as long as it was a fair election (even though the sheer amount of outright lies and deceptions spread this election season has almost prevented the ‘fair’ part).


And don’t be afraid to leave a box blank if you don’t have a preference, or if you don’t really understand the issue. It’s OK. Vote for who you believe will be best for Ohio, or against who will be worst.
Just vote.




Now fetch me my slippers. It’s getting chilly.

Evangelicals don’t go bad if you keep them in the freezer.

I’m sure by now all of you have seen the CNN headline story about Rev. Ted Haggard.


You haven’t? How do you get Internet access in a cave?


Well, short of it is, Ted is the leader of the National Association of Evangelicals. Or he was, until a male prostitute claimed that he has been having an affair with Ted for the past three years.


Now, I enjoy bashing hypocrites as much as the next guy, but I’ve been holding back on this one until the facts flesh out (no pun intended). There have been far too many people who have lost their careers over false and vindictive claims.


Then this little tidbit hit me:     

    The church official who temporarily has assumed Haggard’s post said late Thursday that there has been “some admission of guilt,” but not to all of the allegations.

Some admission of guilt? What, is he saying that he payed the prostitute, but not for sex? Is he admitting to the sex, but claiming it was some penance?


In spite of this odd statement, I am still going to withhold my judgement until the rest of the story come out.


Then the gloves come off.


[edit] CNN now reports that Haggard has admitted to 9News that he did, in fact, purchase meth from a male prostitute recommended by a hotel worker in Denver. He claims to have met the man for a massage, then disposed of the meth without taking any. Sounds a bit far-fetched, but this is a fast moving story. and more details are sure to come out soon.

Deb Pryce, not reflecting directly on herself.

Deb Pryce, fourth ranking Republican in the House, said in a CNN interview “What is happening in Iraq is, um, not a direct reflection on me.” then left the interview.
This is a funny statement, considering her strong pro-Bush stance, and these statements:
  • “Iraq continues to pose a serious and imminent threat from its development of weapons of mass destruction and the obvious potential for Iraq to transfer these weapons to terrorist groups . . [like] the Afghani people liberated from al Qaeda, the Iraqi people will rejoice if liberated from Saddam Hussein and his regime of terror.” 10/8/02
  • “The time for diplomacy has ended. The last sands have flowed through the hourglass of patience.” 3/17/03
  • “[R]espect the dignity and humanity of those soldiers who have been captured . . . Any individual who mistreats a prisoner of war will not be overlooked. They will be found. They will be prosecuted. Justice will be served.” 3/26/2003
  • “Failure is not an option.” 9/18/03
  • “One day in the near future, students will read this story in their history books – the story of liberation from an evil oppressor and the rise of a free and democratic nation.” 10/31/03
  • “Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan serves any longer as a home base for international terrorism, and this has made America safer.” 10/9/04
  • “What began with the will of a people and the fall of a statue has become a wave of change and the birth of democracy.” 1/30/05
  • “The terrorists are losing the war.” 5/5/05
  • “[A]rmchair quarterbacks in Washington are calling for us to cut-and-run from Iraq, just two years into the transformation of that country.” 6/24/05
  • “The War on Terror has led to additional, collateral developments in the region, adding to the safety and security of both the area and the United States.” 8/11/05
  • “[E]ach day, steady and tangible progress is being made on the political, security, and economic fronts, and each day the citizens of Iraq are one day closer to enjoying the protections inherent in a pluralistic, representative government . . . To all our collective relief, as Iraqi soldiers continue to assume more and more responsibility for the security efforts, American soldiers are kept out of harm’s way. . . As Iraqi citizens begin to experience the benefits and securities of a growing, stable economy, insurgents will find it continuingly more difficult to recruit additional rejectionists in their efforts to create fear and chaos in Iraq. . . We will accomplish our mission there, and history will look kindly on the liberties and freedoms we secured for our fellow man.”12/12/05
  • “[C]onsider the remarkable progress we have made in bringing democracy and hope to a nation that for its entire existence, has known nothing but oppression and aggression.” 10/7/06


So she shows great pride in this administration’s failures in Iraq when it suits here, then claims to have no affiliations when the tide turns.


On election day, show her how much of a reflection she has. Send her home.