Getting tired of Sherrod-bashing TV Ads?

Then Christmas has come early for you! AP reported last night that the RNC will not be buying any airtime in Ohio in support of Mike DeWine. It’s understandable. They read the same polls everybody else does. The harder they try to emulate 2000, 2002 and 2004, the wider the lead pollsters give to Brown. Looks like the ‘Some of the Time’ that some people can be fooled has run out.


That isn’t to say that DeWine won’t be dipping into his own $2.8 million war chest.


All it means is that the commercials will have to conclude with ‘I’m Mike DeWine, and I approve this farce.”

4 Replies to “Getting tired of Sherrod-bashing TV Ads?”

  1. Really David, I don’t think that there are many potheads funding the Brown campaign. All of their spare cash goes into a snack fund.

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