Some perspective, courtesy of Virginia.

This has been the most contentious election season here in Ohio in recent memory. Both sides (albeit mostly the ‘pubs) have run ads of dubious truthiness. A candidate has been attacked as being gay-like, and has been forced into court to defend his choice of residences. Another has been ridiculed for a fictitious 12-year-old tax bill. Yet another was cast in a remake of the infamous ‘Willie Horton’ ads from Bush Sr.
And yet, just when I think that our candidates have hit the bottom of the barrel, someone puts another barrel underneath it.


Senator George Allen (R-Va), a notable racist, sexist, anti-semite (disparaging even his own Jewish ancestors) and bigot, was giving a speech at the Omni Hotel in Charlottesville, Va. As he was leaving, a blogger asked him a question along the lines “Why did you spit on your wife?”, referencing speculations about what is contained in his sealed divorce records. The question was, perhaps, a little direct.
He was dragged to the ground by three of Allen’s staff.
Dragged to the ground. I can understand a ‘No Comment’, or pretending he didn’t hear the question (that is a popular one for W), or even letting loose like a drunken sailor. But having your staff drag a man, a constituent even, to the ground for asking a question, is barbaric.


This story in no way mitigates the behavior of our own animals.
I just wanted to put it all in another perspective.


Carry on.

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  1. This attack is directly related to the atmosphere of concept that has permeated the GOP for decades. An extreme example, to be sure, but nowhere does Allen distance himself from the attack. Watching on as a constituent is put in a headlock, without making any effort to intervene, is not a sign of integrity. If Sherrod Brown’s staff had attacked a constituent and he stood idly by, I’d lambaste him too.

  2. Give me a break – he’s actually supposed to step in? I highly doubt any political figure is going to step in and make attempts at stopping something like that. Dem or Rep. I’m not saying the ‘staffer’ is right – in fact, I think he’s wrong. Allen however is not to blame and he’s right for not breaking it up. This is the reason that politicians have bodyguards.

  3. Where was the outrage when Cynthia McKinney’s “staff” was pummeling people and calling them Jews? Or is that “atmosphere of contempt that has permeated the GOP for decades” only aplicable to Republicans? No excuse for touching hecklers. No foundation to label Republicans.

  4. Hi Adam. Thanks for the contribution. Or ‘heckling’. However you choose to view it.
    There are several fundamental differences between the unfortunate events surrounding Cynthia McKinney and George Allen.
    McKinney has publicly denounced the people who participated in the untoward displays of anti-semitism,racism, and violence that occurred during and after her campaign. No report every contended that she was present, or was in a position to directly alter the course of events. The offender were not her staff, they were just wearing t-shirts supporting her.
    I stand by my statements regarding the GOP. How many homophobic Republicans have been dragged out of the closet? How many morality-preaching conservatives have been revealed as adulterers and pedophiles?

    I am not saying these problems are exclusively the purview of Republicans. Democrats have had their share of scandals.

    What I am saying is that the repressive culture cultivated by the GOP requires that those who believe in the basic Republican tenets – states rights, conservative fiscal policy – must also cater to the extremes of the party or risk being ostracized. The ‘do as I say and not as I do’ attitude belies a deeper centempt for the American people. Political ads and stump speechs try to paint every issue in stark black and white, insinuating that the American public is too naive or uninformed to understand the nuances of policy decisions. Everyone is either a good guy, with a red cape emblazened with an elephant waving an American flag, or a bad guy, the pedophile-loving, terrorist-helping, small-business hating Democrat.

    We both know that nothing is that simple. I don’t believe that Blackwell eats babies. You don’t believe that Strickland loves pedophiles.

    Now let’s drop the pretense. Allen is not the kind of person you want representing the GOP. And he should lose. Just like McKinney did.

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