4 Replies to “Where was this Kerry in 2002?”

  1. I love his comments – it’s digging himself and the Dems into a deeper hole – even if his comment was a ‘botched joke’ I doubt it will sit well with many people.

    Only 6 more days….

  2. Nobody who ever heard Kerry speak would confuse him with Jon Stewart. He is, however, a remarkably thoughtful and intelligent person. His response to the partisan misrepresentation of his comment shows a bite that he should’ve shown more of 2 years ago.

  3. Well David, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I believe that most democrats were put on the defensive early on by dishonest GOP attack ads, and were hesitant to look to beligerent in response. This year, people are showing their disgust with the same tactics. Check the polls. If Kerry could have come out in 2004 with the same contempt for the process that he has shown here, maybe more people would recognize the tactic for what it is — a smoke screen.

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