GOP goes on the offensive-defensive.

The Ohio GOP sent an email out the their flock of lemmings today, letting them know that they are all victims of Democratic voter suppression.
Sounds like real news.
Except for the lack of any….oh, what are they called…..oh yeah, facts.
Here’s an excerpt:
Democrats have proven they’ll do anything to win an election – even if it means breaking the law. 

  •     * Republican voters are reporting intimidation tactics being used by Democrat activists outside polling locations.  
  •     * We’ve heard reports of Democrat poll observers engaging in illegal activity by communicating with voters as they vote. 
  •     * Some Republican voters are even being told by Democrat poll workers that they can’t cast a ballot.
See what I mean – generic ‘we’ve heard reports of’ and ‘some voters are being told’.


If any of these actually happened, there would be specifics.
Where did this happen?
Who did it happen to?
What is the ‘intimidation tactic’.


Of course, we all know this is just bullshit.


A smokescreen to draw attention away from the voters who really are being disenfranchised.


Will they never learn?

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