I am the walrus.

I will make this a quick one.
Compare the statewide issue results to my own Issue Endorsements.
Called every one of them.
I will be trying to put together a chart comparing the predictions of various polls and blogsters (from both sides) with the actual election spread.
This should be fun.

3 Replies to “I am the walrus.”

  1. Then who’s the DJ?


    In all seriousness Scott, I’m sorry thatthe the results of Issue 23 didn’t go the way you wanted.

     I know this one was important to you, and although we differed on it, I respect your commitment and desire to see fairness ultimately prevail.



  2. Thanks man.

    I’m ok with the results of Issue 23.
    The people spoke and did so in a convincing, loud and overwhelming manner. My major concern this Fall was that the powers that be would not give us that opportunity.

    Referendi (?) should not be abused, but at times can be the people’s filibuster

    I got to have my official say yesterday – and that is really all I could ask for. I got my voice back, and for that I am happy.

    Awaiting the walrus’s breakdown chart here.

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