Smoking causes drunks.

From WKYC:
AKRON — The only smokers at Bricco’s restaurant were gathered at the same table.  

One of the smokers, Katie Rowlands of Akron, expressed her dislike of Issue 5.  

“I dont like Issue 5 because it puts drunk people out on the streets and that’s not good,” she said. (emphasis is mine)

I think she is confusing Issue 5 with “Last Call”.

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  1. You should read the forums at …hilarious!

    There is one guy trying to get smokers to boycott eating out and going to bars.

    Apparently, not only does smoking cause cancer, it kills brain cells too!

  2. My folks are restaurant owners in Ashtabula. About 4 years ago or so they decided to make their restaurant non-smoking. There were a bunch of regular customers of their’s who were smokers who claimed they’d never be back. Those same people are still regulars at their restaurant. I’m not even sure if there was a hiccup in there routine.

    There was an article sometime ago about Great Lakes Brewery going smoke free and actually seeing an increase in their business. I don’t think my parents have seen an increase, but I know for sure they haven’t lost business due to their decision. I’m personally looking forward to going out occasionally and not coming home smelling like an ashtray.

  3. Hi David – thanks for the real-world examples. It’s good the hear that your folks business didn’t suffer when the only smoking left going on was for the salmon.

    I found one reviewer of GLBC who said “The place is entirely non-smoking which actually allows you to taste the beer you are drinking.”. Here here!

  4. GLBC took it one step further… they shut down for 3 days and scrubbed the place from top to bottom to remove the smoking stains from the walls and ceiling to make sure the smell was completely gone.

    Their business was up 15% based on a conversation I had with a manager there a while ago.

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