Congress 2.0 – now available in Blue!

It is (almost) official – Both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate will be controlled by Democrats!  

Not exactly a balance of power, but after twelve years of leaning hard to the right, it will take some time even at full-left for Congress to get upright.


Even more astounding is the lack of change from the Executive branch. One week after stating that Rumsfeld would have a job through 2008, he came back with a different story, that Rumsfeld’s demise was in the works for ‘some time’. See there, ‘facts’ in the Bush White House expire in 7 days.


Add to that his funny statement that ‘We’ve never been Stay the Course”‘.

Hopefully this new Congress will be taking a more critical look at the President’s statements and actions, and finally hold him accountable.


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