Yes Joe the Plumber, there is a Santa Claus!

Poor John McCain. His hopes in last night’s debate lay with Joe the Plumber, a man from Ohio who wants to buy a small business (making over 250k/yr!).  Did you see how crestfallen he was when Barack Obama announced that downtrodden Joe the Plumber would not have to pay any fine for not providing health care to his employees?

John McCain’s solution was to make Joe rich, because in his world that solved everything! Maybe he’ll move out to the O.C. and get himself a pretty new trophy wife.

That, however, doesn’t change the fact the he will be a small business owner, and thus exempt from any fines under Obama’s plan. According to the Small Business Administration, any plumbing contracing business making less that $14Million/yr (!) is considered a small business. Hear that my friends, it’s the sound of McCain’s political career crashing down faster than the three military planes he crashed while goofing off, or as he describes it ,”.. I’m going to act responsibly, as I have acted responsibly throughout my military career”

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