The FBI is in your tofu

Why, oh why, does the RNC insisit on using the FBI as their personal political dirty tricks squad?

Is seems that the G-Men have nothing better to do that round up all the misdemeanor long-haired hippy types and bully/bribe them into spying on their buddies.

Because they have nothing better to do.

Because the threat from brussel sprouts and hybrid cars far outways the threats from the other side of the fence. The side that loves their guns.

Firefox 3.0 Beta 1 – How to make Add-Ons play nice.

Mozilla has (finally) released Firefox 3.0 Beta 1. Any anyone who has installed it knows that virtually all of the add-ons won’t load. Or will they…..?

Turns out, you can hack many of the existing add-ons, allowing Firefox to install them without error, although I can safely say that many still won’t work, and those that do may exhibit some odd behaviour. CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

First thing to do is hit the Mozilla Extensions page. Select your Add-On of choice. Now, right-click on ‘Install Now’ and choose ‘Save Link As’, pick a location (try to remember it, OK?) and click OK.

Now for the good part. All Firefox add-ons are zip files — just change the .XPI extension to .ZIP, and double-click to open in Windows explorer (or Winzip, or..whatever).

Extract the file ‘INSTALL.RDF” and open with a text editor (if you are prompted to convert to DOS text, choose ‘no’).

Look for this:


Change  the maxVersion from 2.x.x (whatever it is) to 3.0.*

Save the file, add back in to the original ZIP (Yes, overwrite the original), and change the file extension back to ‘.XPI’.

In Firefox, choose FILE|OPEN FILE, navigate to and select your newly-hacked XPI. Then install as usual.

Which Add-Ons will work with this hack:

  • Greasemonkey
  • IE Tab
  • Mouse Gestures
  • Web Developement
  • GoogleBar (not the one from Google’s site, the pseudo-google bar
  • Resurrect Pages

What won’t:

  • Tab Mix Plus
  • Google Toolbar (the official one)

If you find any more that work/don’t, leave them in the comments.

How W Picks his appointees. A Comedy in three acts.

Act 1 – A joke.
C=Dick Cheney
W:Hey Dick, wanna see something cool?
C: Does it involve a shotgun?
W: No, but I like the way you think.
C:Thank you Mr. President (he..he).
W:Do you Remember Harriet Moyers? That skirt that use to hang around the Texas State Capitol building?
C: Do you mean Harriet Miers, your General Council?
W: Is that what she was? I thought she was helping Laura pick out curtains. Anyway, somebody nudged me this morning and said someone on the Supreme Court is quitting..
C: Yes, Justice O’Connor.
W:Whatever his name is..
C:What ever her name is.
W:I thought you said it was O’Conner? Anyway, what if, just for a joke, I nominate this Moyers girl?
W:Yeah, Miers, whatever. So I nominate her, and then we sit back and watch. It’ll be a hoot!
C:Um…Ok? (to himself:)Maybe I can figure out something cooler to do with this shotgun…
Act II – Oblivious
W:Hey you, intern, do you know how to use this thing (indicates computer)?
I: Yes sir, Mr. President.
W:Call me W.
I: Yes Mr. President.
W: Dick tells me that I’ve got to nominate a new U.N. ambassador. Can you punch ‘U.N.’ into the Google and find out who it should be?
I:uh…Yes Mr. President.
I:Lets see, United Nations….United Nations…7-up, the UN-Cola….
W:I’m a Sprite man myself. Scotch and Sprite.
I:Yes sir.
W:This isn’t working. Let’s try ‘U.N.’ and ‘Walrus’. I like walruses.
I:Yes sir (sigh).
(more typing)
W:Stop – What’s that name that keeps popping up? Bolton?
I:Oh, there. Yes Sir. John Bolton
W: I like him. (singing:)That’s what love is all abouut…
I: Um, sir? I think that’s Michael Bol…
W:I’m gonna nominate him!
Act III – Just plain mean.
C=Dick Cheney
W:Hey Dick? How’d we do in the elections.
C:Not so well, Mr. President.
W:Does this mean I have to move out of the White House?
C:No Mr. President. Not for another two years.
W:Good. ‘Cuz I hate to move. All that packing..
C:Yes sir, Mr President. You know, there is something we could do.
W:What’s that?
C:Well, you need to nominate somebody to head the Office of Population Affairs…
W:The what?
C:The Office of Population Affairs Mr President. They determine how the federal family planning money gets distributed.
W:I like families. Except mine. They bug me.
C:Yes sir Mr President. Anyway, what if we find the worst person for the job. Somebody who opposed all forms of family planning. Somebody who doesn’t even like condoms..
W:Have you ever blown up a condom like a balloon, Dick?
C:Um…Yes sir. I guess so. But that’s not the point of…
W:’Cuz Laura and I have a whole box of them, and every once in a while I’ll just blow one up and bounce it around the room.
C:Yes sir (sigh). Eric Keroack.
W:I tried to read his book, but it didn’t rhyme or have pictures.
C:Wha…? Oh, no sir, Mr President. That’s Jack Kerouac. I’m talking about Eric Keroack, head of ‘A Woman’s Concern’, a Christian conservative anti-abortion group.
W:So…let me get this straight… a dude runs ‘A Woman’s Concern’? hehe.
C:(a heavier sigh)yes Sir. A ‘dude’ does. And he’s the worst guy for the job. Just like Bolton, and Just like Miers.
C:(sigh again)Moyers…
W:Oh her. What ever happened to her?
C: Just sign here, Mr President. Then we can get some Ice Cream.