Requiem for a Songwriter

John Bassette, legendary folk musician, songwriter and cable-access host died last Thursday.
I knew John from Coventry in mid 80’s. He was using the moniker ‘Jon Bon’ and was a regular at the open mics at Arabica (also missed)He gladly lend his clear baritone harmonies to the spontaneous music parties that were ubiquitous at the time. His top hat, his bushy beard, and his red jacket were icons of an era when teenagers (myself included) could walk the streets of Coventry (in Cleveland Heights for those of you eagerly punching up Mapquest) every night, filling up on Apple pizza, Grumm’s subs, or a fallafel at Tommy’s.
For a short time, my brother Evan, myself, and John performed together as a trio, covering old standards and John’s catchy original songs. He was always on hand with a supportive comment or a warm smile.
When Alex Bevan came back to town (not as skinny, but just as fun) I took John to his first performance at Peabody’s Cafe. Alex had dedicated his classic ‘Springboard’ album to him, and I figured they should see each other. From what I understand, they were friends up to the end.
Goodbye John Bassette. You are already missed.

Know your Constituency 101

Sorry for the lack of updates – work and weekend intervened.
RaB had a little something to say about Mary Jo Klroy, and her absurd desire to see all the votes counted.
Part of what can only be described as a drunken ranting contends that Jennifer Brunner will use the precedent of actually counting provisional ballots as tantamount to ensuring that every:

transient, ruffian, illegal immigrant, scoundrel, rapist, murderer, drug dealer, dead voter, Disney movie character, and other such members of Democrat constituencies vote in the next election.


While I may take umbrage with the idea that all Disney Characters are Democrats (I’m talking to you Cruela DeVille!), there is a more important lesson to be learned: 
The Republicans know that they have a lock on the pedophile and child molester vote.


Congress 2.0 – now available in Blue!

It is (almost) official – Both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate will be controlled by Democrats!  
Not exactly a balance of power, but after twelve years of leaning hard to the right, it will take some time even at full-left for Congress to get upright.


Even more astounding is the lack of change from the Executive branch. One week after stating that Rumsfeld would have a job through 2008, he came back with a different story, that Rumsfeld’s demise was in the works for ‘some time’. See there, ‘facts’ in the Bush White House expire in 7 days.


Add to that his funny statement that ‘We’ve never been Stay the Course”‘.
Hopefully this new Congress will be taking a more critical look at the President’s statements and actions, and finally hold him accountable.

Smoking causes drunks.

From WKYC:
AKRON — The only smokers at Bricco’s restaurant were gathered at the same table.  
One of the smokers, Katie Rowlands of Akron, expressed her dislike of Issue 5.  

“I dont like Issue 5 because it puts drunk people out on the streets and that’s not good,” she said. (emphasis is mine)

I think she is confusing Issue 5 with “Last Call”.