lawyers and math buffs.

Jill over at WLST took some time today to focus her legal eye on Issue #3, and it reminded me that I have a pent-up rant that needs to be released.


Like most of you, I’ve been assaulted daily by mailings, posters, and TV ads encouraging me to vote ‘Yes’ for higher education. I read through the postcards carefully and I didn’t spot a single reference to ‘Slot Machine’ or ‘Gambling’. You would think that these people would be proud of their amendment and the business it will generate.
Some of the TV ads talk about the windfall that our college students-to-be will enjoy. A whopping 30% of the take. What isn’t mentioned is that 55% is left with the owners of the lucky establishments (mentioned by name. Sorry Uncle Bob). This amounts to (conservatively) a $900 Million/year ‘thank-you’ from the state of Ohio. For you math majors, 55%+30%=85%. That leave 15% left over. Where does that go?
Well, a ‘Gaming Integrity Commission’ gets 8%, presumably for a study to get a better name.
Ohio racetracks get 6% for purse money. That’s not a joke. Did I mention that 7 of the 9 listed slot locations are these same racetracks? It’s a 6% bonus on top of the 55% bonus!
And the state gets 1% for gambling addition services. Because when your get-rich-quick scheme creates a problem, you should toss a few pennies behind you so someone else can clean it up.


Will gamblers go somewhere else if Issue 3 fails? Maybe. Or maybe they’ll just stick to the horses.  Laying our children’s education on the backs of people with  gambling problems is a bad idea.
And Issue 3 is a bad idea.


I spent a portion of this day trolling other blog sites, picking fights and deciding who to plagiarize next, when I came upon a wondrous sight. It would appear that the servers that host RaB have collapsed under the weight of their own bullshit.
I understand that every website is a tenuously balanced hodge-podge of over-used and under-tested hardware and software, and the fact that the whole contraption works at all is is miracle. I cannot, however, discount the ethereal or terrestrial forces that came together and silenced this conspiratorial behemoth. Perhaps this is final proof that there is indeed a supreme being, and boy is she pissed.


I don’t expect this site to remain down long. And I don’t expect the RaB faithful to sit around, staring dumbfounded at their screens for long. After all, Limbaugh is coming on soon to tell them what to think.


I also wanted to point out that, just like Fox News, there is no question as to their leanings. Check out the user name and database (click for full-size)….

–UPDATE. The powers-that-be over at RaB have apparently found a goat (or virgin congressional page… oh, who am I kidding…) to sacrifice, and their site is back up. On behalf of the rest of the blog sites that didn’t go down, welcome back to the sandbox. Now play nice.

One person, One vot…nevermind.

USA Today reports that those rumors of voter fraud in the last few elections were true. Go figure.
There are a few items that I would like to comment on


First –  ‘Conservatives dispute the research and conclusions.’. Of course they do. Why not just introduce a house resolution condemning the research. Might as well be consistent.


Second – ‘…dead people have turned up on the registration rolls in Michigan’. I wasn’t aware that dead people, by and large, were Democrats. Or maybe, upon dying, all secrets are revealed and Republicans convert.


Finally – ‘and ‘Republicans argue that voting by illegal immigrants and others cancels out legal votes’. By legal votes they mean votes for GOP candidates.


On a side note, RaB has decided that my dissenting opinion is not welcome on their ‘open’ board. You see, I pointed out that having Strickland pulled off the ballot in Ohio was the only way Blackwell could win. All the polls say so. By a wide margin. And now I have no login. Understandable. No reason why people with weak constitutions should be subjected to different points of view. Or the truth. Whichever.

Ted loves Pedophiles.

That’s the new GOP mantra. It is being repeated by every nut-job pundit on every nut-job network. It was Blackwell’s keystone in the final gubernatorial debate. Right-wing blogs have been waving this around in a final desperate attempt to muddy the political waters and hope that confused voters lean their way.
But what is their ‘evidence’, and what are the facts?


Item #1 – His position to neither support nor reject a House resolution the condemned an American Psychological Association scientific paper. His reasoning, as both a psychologist (with a PhD in counseling psychology) and a minister (with a Masters degree in divinity), was that the authors and supporters of this resolution did not have the training, background or expertise to state that the ‘methodology’ of the study was invalid. Ted was one of only 18 men and women not swept up in the torrent of disinformation. He was not so conceited as to believe that he was smarter or better informed or more righteous than experts. He refused to grab a torch and pitchfork and join the mindlessly outraged mob. For this, he has earned my support.


Item #2 – Ted hired a sexual offender. Technically true. Now the facts – this guy, a 21 year old college student, was convicted of indecent exposure, a fourth-degree misdemeanor. To put this into perspective, selling tobacco to a minor, a second speeding ticket, and breast-feeding in public are also fourth-degree misdemeanors.
I’m not saying this guy is a saint. What I am saying is that the prosecutor and judge, having all the relevant facts in this case, decided that this was the severity of his crime. His record has since been expunged, indicating that he met the terms set out by the court and had no other incidents after that. The guy made a dumb mistake. Maybe he was drunk, maybe it was a dare. Either way, he isn’t running for governor. And the guy who is didn’t know about this episode. They both agree on this point.


I find it amazing that the GOP, lacking anything of substance with which to compare themselves favorable to Strickland, have resorted to this level of misdirection. They have tried to tie him to the worst elements in their own party (Foley, Taft, pedophilia). Kettle, meet pot.


Now there is one other possibility I haven’t examined yet. Perhaps the GOP has realized that Ted ig going to be the next Governor. By saddling him with a ‘soft on pedophiles’ tag now, maybe they are just hoping for lighter sentences themselves later.


Just a thought.