DeWine loses an endorsement

Mike DeWine has suffered another small setback in his bid to retain his Senate seat. Seems a little know group called the Grocery-store Owners of Parma (GOP) has decided that he isn’t worth the trouble, and will be spending their money on more worthwhile projects, presumably having the stainless steel on the produce cases polished.


I only mention the because the New York Times felt this story it warranted space on its front page.
Mind you, I didn’t really read the whole article (because of my deep disdain for grocery store owners), but I still find it interesting that DeWine, who has been closing the poll-gap, is being written off as un-winnable by a group that has traditionally given him great support, even one as marginal as the GOP.


What’s that?


Not Grocery store owners?


Oh, that GOP.


Now it all makes sense.

Shays: Hastert to be canonized for not leaving Foley in water.

CNN had an an interesting article this morning. 
Chris Shays has come to the conclusion that Dennis Hastert isn’t Ted Kennedy. Maybe it’s head sizes fooled him. Somebody should give this clown a seating chart, ‘cuz that kind of mix-up could lead to some embarrasing situations in congressional ‘capture-the-flag’ games.
Anyway, after having his crack team of pages pull up their pants (sorry, couldn’t resist) and dig in to the history of Democratic scandals, he settled on the 1969 Chappaquiddick tragedy as a good analogy to Hastert’s current troubled situation. My question is, how did thye sort these files? Alphabetically? By date? Spin factor? How does covering and lying for a predatory congressman equate to the death of Mary Jo Kopechne?
“At least nobody died.”
 I’m sure Foley’s victims are repeating that mantra every night as they try fruitlessly to get to sleep.

Wow – The GOP is making Foley a Democrat.

Spotted this today in the RAB rag. If you don’t like the real news, make it up! (I learned that from Fox).

This would’ve been some story, if it were from a newspaper instead of a conservative mouthpiece. I am surprised they even linked to the study. I guess they are counting on the blind allegiance of their readers that they will not read the real conclusions of this scientific study. Ted Strickland was right in not recognizing the validity of a House resolution that condemned a study that they, politically, didn’t like. When science gets directed by politics it becomes meaningless.  I am, however, reassured that the GOP has now opened its membership up to people from all walks of life.
Except gays (unless they are elected).
And lesbian.
Might as well throw away bi-sexual too, after all they are only good for the porn they watch.
No scientists, that goes without saying.
Oh, and members of NOW, the ACLU, AFL-CIO, Planned Parenthood, the Rainbow Coalition, B’Nai Brith, Nation of Islam, Greenpeace,PETA and Methodists are turned away at the door.
 So that leaves who?…. the rich, the naive, the self-centered, and anyone else they can scare into reliving those glorious days of Joe McCarthy.  

Party on, boys.