Who Cares Where Ted Lives?

 Hey -  I hear that Ted Strickland had more than one residence! One in Columbus, and another in Lisbon, his home district.    What a shocking scandal!  How can we trust somebody who has two set of towels, and two sets of dishes, and maybe even two refrigerators!?!  This is a story that needs to be front page news; fires and school shootings and that pesky Iraq thing can be relegated to below-the-fold, or page 8d sounds nice too. It is important that Ohio voters know that a candidate in their gubernatorial election has got the gall to claim to have a house in Lisbon when he has a house in Columbus too. That’s just downright …..er…. honest.          

Look, I don’t care if Ted Strickland maintains a fully furnished bungalow in every zip code in the US, and four in Guam. It’s not news.

It’s trivia.